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Digital product development, particularly going from nothing to something, is very difficult. It’s difficult because there are so many problems to overcome and, truthfully, very little understanding of how to solve them in a reasonable amount of time or before running out of money.

People have been intrigued with human-powered flight for centuries. Henry Kremer, a British industrialist was so intrigued by human-powered flight that he announced a challenge to the world. In 1959, he offered a cash prize of £50,000 (equivalent to about $350k today) to the first person to continually fly in a figure-eight between two poles half-mile…

When exploring product management, people often get too caught up in the tools and tactics that seasoned product managers use to do their jobs. People who are just getting started in product management stress over the details that won’t actually make them successful. Product managers become successful by gaining experience and excelling with certain skills. So what are the skills? All successful product managers are good at these two skills.

  1. Knowing how to solve problems
  2. Leadership

Knowing How to Solve Problems

Those who are good at solving problems follow this process as if it were second nature. …

One of the most common questions I get is the difference in the roles between Product and Marketing.

Marketing is about capturing attention. Product is about delivering value

A good product without good marketing is a tragedy.
Good marketing without a good product is a disappointment.
However, a good product with good marketing will find success.

Product and Marketing are two complementary forces that are vital for companies to succeed. Both must exist hand-in-hand. The debate comes in deciding which comes first. Do you tell people about an idea to see if you can sell it and then build the…

If you’ve spent a little time looking for a definition of Product Management, you’ll find that there are more definitions than you could have imagined. At the core of all the definitions out here, Product Management is about creating something that is valuable to people. “Value” is at the center of the discipline of Product Management. Here’s my simplest definition of Product Management.

Product Management is the discipline of delivering value.

The key question that Product Management seeks to answer is “How do you discover, build, and ship something that is valuable to people?”

Let’s take a moment and break…

Yes, everyone is talking about different ways of thinking about the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so I thought I’d throw in my thoughts on building a product that people love (and pay for). Yes, there is a laundry list of terms that “redefine” the Minimum Viable Product (Minimum Valuable Product, Minimum Lovable Product, Minimum Meaningful Product, and Minimum Delightful Product), but it’s a worthwhile exercise to think about how delight impacts people and affects your ability to build products people love.

Like many in the product world, you’ve found yourself talking about the minimum set of features a product must…

I have much to be grateful for.

Do you have the right kind of grit? Working hard for working hard sake won’t get you very far. In fact, the kind of grit you have will determine the kind of outcomes you will see. What drives your grit? Is it money? Is it status? Is it ambition? All these will fail you in the end. Grit that comes from gratitude is the only kind of grit that will fulfill your soul. You won’t get burned out when you are fueled by gratitude. Gratitude is the fuel for grit.

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I have a confession. I’m afraid of flying. I don’t like airplanes. I fly about once a month, but yet I can’t shake the feeling. And I know why I’m afraid to fly. Don’t tell me that flying is statistically safer than driving.

With my mechanical engineer side, I think about everything that has to go right to fly. From the combustion of highly compressed fuel and air to the mechanical systems that control the flaps to give you the right stability, there’s a lot of things that have to go right.

But I’m afraid of flying because I have…

All the instruction in the world can’t​ create action. There are a lot of people around you telling you what to do and how to do it, but it’s up to you to actually do it. Perhaps you’ve done enough learning and it’s time to start doing. Stop just looking at the ball and go kick it. Thanks Lando for the life lesson!

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When I used to teach tennis lessons to adults, their main motivation for taking lessons was to simply “hit the ball better”. It was achieving the feeling of hitting a clean ball in the direction they were intending. This was very puzzling to me. This was puzzling because the last I checked, the point of playing a match in tennis was to win. I have played countless tennis matches where I certainly hit the ball better than my opponent, but they ended up beating me. …

The first 80% of anything you do will come with about 20% of the total effort required. But the final 20% is what makes the most lasting difference and it takes 80% of the total work.

The first 80% is fun, exciting, and progress happens fast. The last 20% is really boring, often times grueling, and requires deep perseverance — massive discipline. This is especially true with anything worth doing.

Discipline with the ordinary is what is actually extraordinary. This is the heart of grit. The final 20% appears very ordinary to those on the outside, but this kind of ordinary is what makes the difference.

When you’re tired and feel like quitting, now is the time to finish the final 20%.

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